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After Care

Here are instructions to take care of the baby so that the brit heals in the best way possible.  In one hour after I leave, you will change the diaper. You will need the following: wipes, Vaseline, gauze pads that I have left with you, and someone to help you.


Apply Vaseline onto a gauze pad, open the diaper, and make sure the baby is not kicking.   Take off the gauze pad that is over the penis which might have a little bit of blood on it, and then change the diaper. Put the diaper back on, and call me to tell me how it went. 


 Two hours later, the diaper should be changed again, and at this point there should be no blood at all on the gauze pad.  Repeat the same process and apply gauze pad coated with Vaseline for the rest of the day and the next day.  Every diaper that is changed, a new gauze pad with Vaseline should be reapplied.  


The baby should be bathed daily, beginning within the first 24 hours following the brit, and for the next 14 days.  Water should be gently splashed on his penis, however, please do not rub or touch the penis. 


Please do not worry about any swelling.  2-3 days after the brit, the skin around it may start to swell, and with time it will all go down.  Most important of all, if you get stuck with anything along the way or have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me. I am always available 24 hours a day at 347.678.4878

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